ARC Design Architectural Products Manufacturing Center has been present on the Hungarian construction market for 20 years. It produces, sells and installs architectural flat products, metal claddings, fixed and powered shading systems. On the production lines of our flat rolled products manufacturing center we produce Luxalon® exterior and interior sectioned metal claddings, suspended ceiling and shading aluminum panels. Our products manufacturing center also distributes Mitsubishi company's Alpolic A2 and Alpolic/fr large-board composite sheet products, which are made in different colors, aluminum or other alloy coating for covering the facade of buildings. Suiting today's building energy requirements, we also distribute portable exterior venetian blinds, shades, winter garden shading systems and sunshades. With the help of our plant's CNC machining center we are able to machine sheets of all sorts of materials, even in the case of extremely large areas, as a result of which we can also serve the demands of the interior design and advertising industry. We produce and install trapezoid sheets, rolled and bent sheets, as a result of which we have a full-range selection, which enables us to offer our clients complete systems and solutions. Due to our own resources we are able to cut large-board fiber cement claddings to individual sizes and shapes and install them, using aluminum background structure and rear-ventilated cavity system.

Technical Background

FlexiCam CNC machining center

With the use of the FlexiCam CNC milling machine we can cut, mill, drill, perforate, engrave sheets of all types of materials, whether we are dealing with aluminum, plastic, copper, plexiglas, wood, fiber cement cladding or acid-resistant material, even in the case of extremely large surfaces. We have a large vacuum table to the ensure damage-free fixation of the materials. The key to successful machining is the easy exportation of the exact size computer models prepared by the designers, and the possibility of simulation prior to production. During planning we use the latest Autodesk Inventor program.

Luxalon production

The quality of the aluminum claddings produced with the use of the Luxalon SU1 equipment manufactured by HunterDouglas is perfect, due to the production process controlled at multiple levels. As a result of this, we can undertake an extremely long 10-year guarantee for our products. During production, panels of the necessary length are produced, so there is no waste during construction. From the painted sheet rolls used during the production of the panels, we also undertake to manufacture individual supplementary elements on our bending machines.


On our computer-controlled bending machines we undertake to bend flat plates. Why do we recommend to have the necessary plates manufactured with these machines? Because with these machines we can ensure high repeatability, excellent surfaces, less splice, short turnaround times, and a great experience for you.

Plate cutting

We have two sets of equipment for cutting plates in order to suit client demands. For cutting thin sheets that come in boards, we have sheet scissors, while we operate a disc cutter for processing rolled plates. Both machines are NC-controlled, consequently they are high-precision machines enabling efficient machining.

Micro-ribbed trapezoidal plate production

A great advantage of our popular TR13/63 micro-ribbed trapezoidal plates is that they can be manufactured in any length. Consequently, there is no cutting waste, and we can ensure aesthetical appearance up to a length of 15 m.

With the use of the bending equipment developed for trapezoidal plates, we can bend plates up to a radius of 3,000 mm.



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